Effective homemade rat poison recipes

Encountering rats in your houses is never a good feeling for anyone. They could be so frightening and messy at times. Mostly, the common reasons for the presence of rats in your houses could be; the leftover food placed openly in the house, or the open holes and the gutter ways. As these rats enter your houses in the search of food, so they would not only spoil your food but they could also damage your houses' furniture and your clothes by bitting them and they could also create a mess out of your house with their feces and could also be the reason of the possible diseases to the humans. Once you come to know about their presence in your house, it would be very difficult for you to ignore it because you are aware of the subsequences afterward. So, you will instantly rush to find solutions to get rid of them. In some cases, you wouldn't be able to go to the market or buy any product for their removal or you wouldn't have any of it with you at home. In this situation, you will think about some home remedies to kick that rat to death. Few of the effective homemade recipes to make the poison for rats may include;

Boric acid rat poison:

It has proved to be one of the most effective poisons in killings rat. The best thing about this poison is that, it could be prepared at home with few ingredients within a short period. The method to prepare this poison is; All you have to do is, take a good amount of boric acid in a bowl and start adding the chicken stock in it in small quantities and keep stirring it well. Continue adding the chicken stock time by time and stirring forcibly until it turns to be a thick solution that couldn't be stirred anymore. After preparing this solution, make several small-sized balls of it and place it in places where you expect the mouse to appear. Don't forget to wear safety gloves before starting this process so that to prevent your hands from the boric acid. The fragrance of boric acid will attract the rat towards it, and the boric acid in it will get the rat killed when it gets eaten by the rat.

Plaster of Paris rat poison:

It requires mixing the equal amounts of plaster of Paris and the cornmeal in a bowl and the next step is to add a little milk in that mixture so that it could turn it into dough. After adding the milk in the mixture, mix and knead it well with your hands that it forms proper dough. Make many small balls of that dough and place them at the places where rats could approach. You can also add some sugar in this mixture that will attract the more to eat those balls. Cornmeal and sugar will play the role to direct the rat to eat those balls and the plaster of Paris would play the poisoning role in killing it. Preparing this mixture doesn't require to wear any gloves as it wouldn't cause any damage to your hands.


These remedies could be very effective in sorting out your problem of the rats' unnecessary presence in your house. These less costly and homemade poisons just require being properly prepared, and never forget to follow precautionary measures and keeping them away from the reach of children.

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